Buying a term paper: necessity or laziness

TBuying a term paper: necessity or laziness
There is a certain prejudice when it comes to ordering a paper online, and this judgment even increases when we’re talking not about a simple essay, but about a term paper. However, is it really right to judge people, who’re willing to buy a paper instead of writing it by themselves? Of course not! There are plenty of reasons why students decide to order a term paper online, and laziness is just one of them. Let’s talk about the reasons why normal, not lazy students are willing to buy a term paper.

They want to focus on more important subjects

They want to focus on more important subjects Not all students are free to choose their courses: while they do pick most of them, some obligatory ones can still remain. These courses won’t benefit students’ future career, they don’t seem interesting at all – however, they still require students’ attention. Sitting through boring lectures is one thing, but putting a lot of time and efforts in writing a term paper is completely another, especially if you have more important subjects to focus on. That’s why some students decide they’d rather buy a term paper on this subject.  

They are unable to combine work and studies effectively enough

Some students have to start working during college years. The reasons are different: some need extra money, some have to pay for their tuition fees, and so on. When work is just as important as studies are, buying a term paper instead of writing one do seems a good option. Moreover, sometimes it’s an only option for a student who wants to continue their education. They aren’t confident

They aren’t confident

A term paper requires serious work, which includes both research, analysis and argumentation. When a student isn’t sure that they’ll be able to defend their point of view, they can turn to online writing services for help. Sometimes they do so because a professor is too strict or their fellow students laugh at people who are unable to defend their opinion as well. While they might consider buying a paper an unethical thing, their fear of social humiliation still forces them to do so.

They need a backup

When it comes to such an important thing as a term paper, some students feel like they need a backup in case something happens. While they are able to write a paper on their own, they fear that they won’t be able to do it on time, or that they’ll mess something up. Some of these students order a paper just because they need another point of view on a certain topic. Not all of the students, who order a term paper because of that reason, actually use it. Some use a part of it, some keep just in case, and so on.

They don’t have enough time

They don’t have enough time Imagine that you are assigned two equally important term papers that have the same or similar deadline, but you don’t have enough time to write both of them well. You still can complete these assignments on your own, but the result will be poor, or you can order one of these term papers online and focus on writing another one on your own. If you choose the second option, you’ll receive two good papers instead of two poor ones. That’s why some students decide to buy a term paper under these circumstances: they know that various essay writing services do their work well and feel like they can trust them with at least one of their term papers. As you see, the reasons are very different. Yes, ordering a paper online won’t make a student smarter as some will do their work for them. However, it might benefit a student in other ways: for example, by saving their jobs, their grades, their time and nerves. That’s why shaming students for buying their term papers without knowing their reasons to do so simply isn’t right.