How to Increase Blog Traffic: 7 Proven Tips

How to Increase Blog Traffic: 7 Proven Tips

What’s the point in writing well-structured and informative blog posts, contributing regularly, and seeing only a few visitors coming by? If you want always to see how your subscribers grow up, you have to constantly work at it. But you’ll say: “I don’t know how to do it”. Don’t worry! In this article, you’ll find 7 simple ways to increase your blog traffic.

Infographics and images

Nowadays, you can’t rely on bare text only. Representing information visually through images and other graphical elements is the best way to increase reader interest to anything you write. Publish the articles that do not just dwell upon an interesting topic, but are also visually attractive. If you do not work with a graphic designer, you can use statistics, classifications, predictions, and other facts related to the topic to create a small infographic that would look perfect with the main text.

Include videos into your blog posts

Videos generate much more traffic than text and images. Create video content that is motivational, friendly, and goes beyond simply promoting your products or services. Video posts tend to get more shares as they present information in a precise and convincing manner. An average video is just 2-4 min long – the time you will hardly find sufficient to read an article. Videos are important for your blog, whether they review your products, services or just show your team spirit. They do not necessarily have to show real people. Consider services that will help you create cartoonish videos with hand drawn elements. They are getting more and more popular today.

Guest blogging

You can’t do it all alone, and this applies to blogging too. Publish your blog posts on the websites of other bloggers and let them do the same in return. Add your contact information and the links to other posts located on your website and make your blog traffic grow. Join blogging communities to look for bloggers in your niche or any related niches and discuss all the conditions of your cooperation. This is how guest blogging works and what you should do to succeed with it.

Link to other posts

Link to other posts

This is a perfect technique to promote the blog. But add links need naturally and only where they are relevant to the topic. The readers are unlikely to browse through the archive to find anything of interest, but if you add links in the text, the chances are high they will click. It is recommended to add them at the end of the text to let readers finish reading what they’ve started. Use catchy and informative anchors for your links.

Social Media sharing

Add social sharing buttons to your blog and share each post on your social media profiles. Instead of just sharing, add a few lines to describe what the post is about, ask intriguing questions, or ask your followers to express their opinions. Attractive visual presentation of your blog posts in social media plays a vital role too. Use bright images, smiling faces or other concepts related to the topic. You can also organize polls to ask your followers to vote for any of the aspects in your story.

Pay greater attention to your headlines

Whether you are going to share your posts on social media, other websites or just on your resource, you have very poor chances to get noticed if your headlines are non-attractive and do not encourage readers to find out more. Оnline proofreading service can help you with the first problem. To cope with the second use short and provocative headlines that would look perfectly well on a social media timeline, blog archive or in search engines. Make it up to 70-chars long. Your headline is the first impression your readers will make about your post. Make sure it will be good enough.

SOffer things for free

Offer things for free

People love the great stuff given to them for free. Give them free trial versions of your own apps, some useful books or a list of the best academic writing help that you spent ages to find These can also be some learning tutorials you created yourself or found somewhere. Or you might create a lovely collection of free design vectors and give them away for free.


Often, even the worthiest blog posts get minimum exposure due to inappropriate or insufficient blog traffic generation tactics. Your writing efforts have to be rewarded with grateful readers, enough shares, and comments. Hope the above-listed traffic generation tips will be handy to both novice and experienced bloggers.