What is better to take to the lecture: laptop or notebook?

What is better to take to the lecture: laptop or notebook?

So you are in the university, you got help with personal statement and managed to take all courses you wanted to attend. Your campus life and studying finally begin. When it comes to attending a lecture, the most important thing required is a notebook for recording keynotes given by the lecture. But ever since the evolution of the internet, the whole process of general lectures has changed. Now, we have digital projectors for lecture and all the important notes can easily be noted down in a laptop computer or a tablet. The standard spiral notebooks have been replaced with the modern laptop computers. Yes, the times have changed now. But still, there are some people who bring a pen and notebook to lectures or important meetings.

The central question

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The new era of technology demands faster completion of work, and thus you may have to send links, access materials online or chat with professionals online. The digital way of taking notes is more convenient nowadays. But, is the traditional pen and paper the better choice to take to the speech?

Studies show that people, who use a laptop for recording notes, don’t learn new things. But those who used a notebook were able to grasp the concept and retain the new information in their minds. The people who used digital devices took down long notes, but they weren’t able to understand and recollect the new data in a proper manner. They were just typing the words one by one, and so they failed to concentrate more on the topic.

In schools, children take down important notes in their words and so they can understand better. Thus, the same can be followed by people in business who need to recall pitches, mark the important events and note down important dates. There are many ways in which you can work smarter using digital devices. But, if you need to remember more, all you need is a pen and paper to note down key points given in the lecture.

Tips for better Understanding of new information

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  • During the lecture, focus more on noting down the important points displayed as a slide show. Don’t concentrate fully on what the lecturer is saying; instead take note of all the new concepts.
  • Write notes in your words so that you can easily understand the concept. It becomes easier to summarize the points when the concepts are written down from your point of view.
  • If you need to access the internet for online projects or studies, you can use a laptop.
  • The important information conveyed during presentations, reports, reviews, and other activities can be recorded in the best possible manner using a notebook.

A laptop can be used for various online activities, but for taking down notes; a laptop is the better option. Taking down notes on paper can ensure that you don’t write down each and every word that the lecturer is saying. Various studies prove that people who tend to write down notes on paper learn more about the topic. Writing down manually is a slow process, and so you can summarize the key points in an efficient manner.

On the contrary, people who use a laptop for recording notes type faster and note down all the points. This leads to high verbatim transcription and little retention of the content. Thus, even though you use technology for recording notes, you’re not getting the required amount of concentration needed to grasp the new information.

So, for better learning and retention, take down notes and summarize using a notebook. Using technology to study is fine, but you can concentrate more and enhance your memory only if you write down the key points.